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What is Investing in Our Future? 
Investing in Our Future was a five week stewardship program that combines a capital campaign with annual stewardship emphasis. The capital campaign addresses a desire to retire the current building mortgage. The annual stewardship emphasis invites commitments to ministry programs through regular offerings. 

What is the financial goal of Investing in Our Future?
Each component of the program features a goal. The capital campaign seeks to generate $200,000 over three years with a challenge goal of $250,000. This over and above regular giving through offerings. Rather than an actual dollar amount, the goal of the annual stewardship emphasis calls for 75% of contributing households to make a financial commitment. This translates into 107 pledges for 2017. 

Why is there an annual giving component to the campaign?
It would be easy to conduct a capital campaign to retire the mortgage and ignore daily expenses. However, to do so would not be true to our mission at St. John's. We say that we are Living, Growing, Sharing. Because we have a wonderful facility, staff, volunteers and programs we can live, grow and share. So it is a "both/and" campaign: we seek to retire the mortgage and maintain (and perhaps expand) our current ministries. 

How were the goals determined? 
The goals for Investing in Our Future surfaced quite easily. With our current mortgage at $160,000, reaching the goal of $200,000 means we pay off the mortgage and have funds available for new programming and facility enhancement. Reaching the challenge goal of $250,000 would give us even more options. The percentage goal for the annual giving emphasis comes from stewardship sources who tell us that one sign of a healthy congregation is when at least two-thirds of its members make an annual financial commitment. We believe St. John's is such a congregation!

What are the benefits of the campaign? 
The whole congregation, and indeed the wider community, benefit from the generosity that makes the many ministry programs a reality at St. John's. God's love is shown in various ways- worship, learning, service, fellowship, just to name a few. If you are reading this, you no doubt have been the recipient of some sort of "God loves you" message through the ministries of St. John's Lutheran Church. The benefits of the capital campaign are limited only by our imaginations. Retiring the debt by 2020 gives us three years to plan play areas, gardens, and meditation spaces on our ten acres of land. Adding or reconfiguring staff opens up opportunities for small groups, service projects, caring ministries, Bible studies and more. 

How much will we be invited to give? 
Each household after prayerful consideration will answer that question on its own. Various resources and gift charts will be offered to assist in determining one's generosity. Please plan to attend a group gathering or ask for a personal visit to realize the benefits of these resources. 

What if we are not sure we can participate? 
The decision to make a commitment is individual and best made prayerfully after participating in the five week program. Some people find it easier to spread the pledge to the capital campaign over the full three years. Please remember, the Capital Campaign is in additon to the Annual Stewardship Emphasis and in no way shoud cause a reduction in annual giving. 

Would it be wiser to just pay as we go? 
We believe that now is the best time to move forward. We have a wonderful facility. We have faithful people ready and willing to do ministry in this time and place. We have the guidance of God's Holy Spirit leading us. Investing in Our Future is what we are called to do. 

What does all this have to do with our Christian faith? 
We believe that all we have is a gift from God. Our Chrisitan faith is not just a Sunday thing. It daily helps us live. With God's love we grow. And Jesus calls us to share. How we spend our time and resources is part of Living, Growing, Sharing. Investing in Our Future is not just a slogan; it is reality. Please prayerfully consider how you might be a part of this exciting journey. 


                                           Investing in Our Future. Letís do it!

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